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NewGenerationNews: CENESEX and rotten fruits.

Recently, our NewGeneration Foundation Platform has launched a petition in Change, addressed to the State Department of the United States of America, to the Immigration and Citizenship Service (USCIS) and the Treasury Department of that country, with the aim of their cancellation. the visas of the main figures of the National Center for Sexual Education (CENESEX), as well as that an order be issued to avoid sending funds from people and institutions based in the United States to this center, belonging to the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP ).

The petition was launched on May 11 on the program of the Cuban presenter, Alexander Otaola and so far has collected more than 5k signatures. However. The initiative has not stopped generating opinions and reactions against it, mainly from some former members of CENESEX and who today exercise moderate activism and for the purpose of certain policies of Cuban power. However, support for the initiative is overwhelming.

The petition does not mean that it wants to omit the small advances that the LGBT community has made in the pursuit of power, however, a sector of that community has understood that, only in democracy can recognition of ALL rights be achieved; Along with this vision, we understand that what is known as -LGBTI rights- are simply -HUMAN RIGHTS-.

Las personas mencionadas en la petición, son y han sido funcionarios en puestos claves de

The people mentioned in the petition are and have been officials in key positions of that institution, as well as main spokesmen for the discriminatory policies of the official discourse. Likewise, there are elements that demonstrate that some of them visit the United States and receive financial support from LGBTI organizations, foundations and ecumenical entities; however some of them have been perpetrators of acts of harassment and repression against independent activists for political reasons

When a considerable number of signatures is reached, the petition will be taken to the central offices of the organizations to which it is sent, attaching a letter, in English, explaining the reasons and providing the necessary arguments why they have been included. those names.

We want to point out that some media have indicated that the petition seeks the withdrawal of visas for Mariela Castro, Director of CENESEX and Cuban Deputy, this is TOTALLY FALSE, the daughter of the dictator Raúl Castro is prohibited from entering the territory of the United States of America ; the prelude to this request in Change, was an Open Letter that was read the day of the program, by our General Director, Víctor M Dueñas, where the resignation of Mariela Castro is requested, for the recent statements in the program La Tarde se Movve that It detracts from the value and importance of the UMAP, where hundreds of Cubans were victims of the arrogance of the communist regime, as well as, previously, in a Discussion Forum on the Facebook page of CENESEX, the director of this institution, referred to their political opponents in degrading and derogatory terms. This Letter has been answered by Mrs. Castro through social networks, where she called – frustrated worm – those Cubans who have requested her resignation.

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