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For the good of humanity, a general reform of the United Nations is necessary.

The United Nations (UN), the largest international organization to date, was created in 1945 by 51 countries in order to maintain peace and security in the world, promote friendship among nations, improve the level of life and defend human rights.The United Nations (UN), the largest international organization today, was created in 1945 by 51 countries in order to maintain peace and security in the world, promote friendship between nations, improve living standards and defend human rights.

The United Nations is a complex organization, with multiple bodies and agencies. Its mission is carried out through various activities. Some are highly visible, such as the decisions of the Security Council. Others, much less, but also important. However, in recent years, the mechanisms of this international organization have weakened and it has shown that it is not up to new challenges for humanity. It has not prevented the emergence and establishment of modern dictatorships in different regions of the planet. The United Nations is no longer the hope of many peoples of the world and today they respond to political and partisan interests. The United Nations has not been able, due to its bureaucracy, to avoid conflicts between countries or between ethnic groups. It has not been able to demand that its Member States comply with the Charter of Human Rights.

Especially, the presence of dictatorships such as the Cuban, the Venezuelan, the Iranian, the Russian regime, North Korea, among others, in the Human Rights Council is striking. This body, which is supposed to defend and ensure respect for human rights, has ignored the serious complaints filed by organizations, representatives of civil society and individuals throughout the world, especially in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. .

Yesterday, Friday, July 3, Mr. Ariel Ruiz Urquiola denounced before the Chamber of Nations Palace against the Government of the Republic of Cuba for serious violations against the human rights of him and his family, an intervention that was interrupted on several occasions by the delegation of Havana with the complicity of the presidency.

That is why, the NewGeneration Foundation demands a review and reform of the work and procedure of the United Nations, with greater haste from the Human Rights Council.

Likewise, we demand that it be reviewed and sanctioned, with plenty of arguments to member states that, like Cuba, violate human rights – so far, that Council has not, with the same frequency, prepared a thematic condemnation against the Havana-

That a Special Rapporteur for Cuba be assigned, who is capable of documenting human rights violations on the island.

We need to ‘democratize the United Nations’. This implies that other countries must join the Security Council to balance the weight of governments and the interests of permanent members, expand their number, include the participation of middle powers with rights in the internal decision-making processes of the body and with a level of application of more transparent decision-making mechanisms »

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